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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a treatment option to brighten teeth it is not suitable for everyone and your dentist is best placed to advise whether the treatment is right for you and the results you can expect.


Discover A Whiter, Brighter Smile with Boutique Whitening Gel & Custom Made Trays

This simple home procedure uses Boutique Whitening, a premium quality whitening gel that delivers superior results, with a noticeable improvement in just a few days.  Your dentist takes an impression or scan of your teeth so the laboratory can prepare a tray of exactly the right size and fit for your mouth. Once the tray is ready, your dentist will provide you with the whitening gel and important advice on how to use it. Your teeth may achieve the desired colour within a few of days, but it may take up to three weeks.


Tooth whitening treatments are only suitable for healthy teeth and gums, so your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth before treatment begins.  You need to be aware that the gel does not whiten crowns, fillings and veneers. In addition, the whitening effect is not usually permanent and over time your teeth will gradually fade back to their original shade. However, the use of a top up treatment will usually whiten them up again.

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Please click link to download a Boutique Whitening Patient Brochure.