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Why do I need a dental examination?

Examinations help you keep your mouth healthy and let your dentist check for any dental problems; leaving them with no treatment can lead to more complications in the future.


During your visit our dentists will examine:

  •  Your teeth - check surfaces for erosion, abrasion , fractures and tooth decay 

  •  Your gums - check for gum disease, check if they are pink , firm with no bleeding ​

  •  Your mouth - oral cancer screening​

  • Your jaw - check for temporomandibular joint disorders 

  •  Give you advice on your diet, that can help you keep your teeth healthy

  •  Give you advice on smoking and alcohol use - an excess can increase gum disease 

  •  Provide necessary oral hygiene instruction​​​

  • Create a treatment plan if you need further visits along with an estimate of the cost 

  • Help budget for your care and give a discount on our private fees with our Denplan preventative dental plans